The New Toyota Supra Is A Hit

the new toyota supra is a hit for the automaker in the United States
Sergei FadeichevTASS via Getty Images
Sergei FadeichevTASS via Getty Images

In 2019, Toyota reintroduced the Toyota Supra to the American auto market. The sports car recorded its first full months of sales in August, and the numbers show that Toyota has a hit on their hands. In the month, the Supra sold 643 units, which may seem small, but the market for sporty rides tends to be smaller, so the number must be taken in context.

The Supra, for instance, outsold the more affordable Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ combined, showing just how excited consumers were for the new era of the car to begin. The next question that Toyota will have to answer is this – are the sales numbers for the Supra sustainable?

Historically, sports cars make big sales splashes when they are released, followed by a severe drop. In 2012, this happened with the Scion FR-S. It’s initial year sales were strong, coming in just under 3,000 units. By 2017, however, it was barely selling anything.

While the new Supra might not hit 2,500 first-year sales, Toyota should still be encouraged and excited. The last generation of the sports car fizzled in the United States, stumbling to 11,000-lifetime sales in the ’90s. Current projections have the new iteration passing that number as early as 2021!