These Foreign Vehicles Aren’t Worth The Sticker Price

Foreign automakers like Toyota and Honda have carefully crafted reputations for reliability and durability. The Corolla and Civic consistently rank as top-selling cars in their field. For every Honda, however, there is a Fiat 500 or Smart Fortwo. These cars can be costly, but is all that money worth the investment? When buying any car, you should research the vehicle to make sure you’re not driving off the lot with a lemon. These are the foreign cars that don’t come close to justifying their sticker prices!

The Mini Cooper Clubman Is Too Large

extended mini cooper
Dasril Roszandi/NurPhoto via Getty Images
Dasril Roszandi/NurPhoto via Getty Images

About the only aspect of the Mini Cooper Clubman that sets it apart from the original Mini Cooper is the size. Everything under the hood is the same, the car has just been lengthened to add more room for extra passengers.

Noted for its poor miles-per-gallon estimates and transmission failures, the Clubman is hardly worth the $30,000 asking price. Especially when the classic Mini Cooper starts at just $23,000.