The Best Cars That No One Is Buying

Buying a car is a big decision. Any new car owner wants to make sure they are bringing home something reliable, attractive, comfortable, and fun. While some brands like Toyota have built a reputation on quality craftsmanship, other automakers haven’t been so lucky. Cadillac may get a bad rap, but in recent years the American company has stepped up its game to offer consumers great rides. These vehicles have sagged in the sales department and we want to bring them to your attention. Keep reading to see the best cars that no one seems to be buying!

The Lexus LFA Never Sold Out Of Its Stock

The Lexus LFA is a beautiful luxury car that deserved a better fate. In was produced and sold from 2010 until 2012, with lagging sales the main cause of its demise. Four years after the production run ended, it was reported that new LFAs were still available for purchase.

lexus lfa

Surprisingly, the car has become more popular in recent years, with the head of Lexus’ European office saying, “The LFA is an icon now and possibly always will be – we don’t need to replace it to keep that status. It is a car we can reference for another 25 years if we choose. Its status is assured.”