These Athletes Own Some Of The Most Luxurious Cars In The World

Money and luxury practically go hand-in-hand and professional athletes have them both. A small percentage of pro athletes choose to spend their money in responsible manners while others make so much they have nothing better to do with it then to spend it on the fanciest of items. But what’s wrong with paying a little over $200k on a unique vehicle, if you have as much money in the bank as these athletes? Just wait until you see what type of customized car John Cena has.

Drew Brees – Bugatti Veyron

Drew Brees is the NFL’s premier quarterback. Outside of Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, there’s no one close to him as far as skills go. Thanks to this, he has earned a huge amount of cash throughout his career. That has allowed him to live the life he wants while bringing wins to his football team.

In this life of his, he has purchased a Bugatti Veyron that cost him roughly around $2.2 million. Reportedly, Brees is in love with fast cars and has five luxury cars that cost him approximately $4.2 million. Half of that came from his Bugatti you see here.