Secrets That Car Dealers Don’t Want Consumers To Know

Purchasing a car usually involves a lot of stress, money, and time. Over the years, car dealers have gained a reputation for trying to put pressure on customers and lure them with special offers, discounts, and other benefits. And while many car dealers actually want to give customers a fair and good experience, it’s important to remember they are out to make a profit so it’s in your best interests to know their tricks.

As a customer, you need to educate yourself and be confident when making a deal on a big life purchase. Read on to learn about the secrets that car dealers don’t want consumers to know.

Most Window Sales Stickers Are Actually Markups

Monroney stickers, also known as the window stickers, don’t include the actual price of the car. You should know that little extras like sealants, VIN etching, and fabric protectants, can all be done at home for way less cost.

monroney sticker

You should always ask to see the original invoice and compare it to the Monroney before making the purchase. If the car seller refuses to show the invoice, then go somewhere else.