The Worst Pickup Truck Of All-Time Can’t Carry The Load

Pickup Trucks are one of the most popular vehicles in the United States. Built to carry nearly any load, they are perfect vehicles for almost any job. From towing a boat for a day out on the lake to transporting work supplies from point A to point B, there isn’t much these beasts can’t do. But what happens when the manufacturer puts quantity over quality or rushes a new truck to market? You end up with some of the worst pickup trucks of all-time.

From constant breakdowns, cars pretending to be trucks, and awfully low-performance grades from consumers and reviewers, keep reading to find out which ones are among the worst of the worst.

Ford F-150

Ford Rollout First 2004 F-150 Pickup Truck In Norfolk, VA
Mike Heffner/Getty Images
Mike Heffner/Getty Images

One of the most popular vehicles in America is the Ford F-150. Just because it sells like hotcakes doesn’t mean it is without problems. Owners who bought model years 2004 and 2005 F-150s were not happy about their purchases.

In those specific models, owners complained about the windows and, more importantly, failed transmissions. Those problems, among others, led to massive recalls, making this one of the biggest mistakes in Ford’s history.