After Minnesota Man Passes Away, 200 Collector Cars Are Found On His Farm

James Graham was a farmer in rural Minnesota with plenty of acres of land. He also had a passion for cars and would collect them across the decades. When he passed away, VanDerBrink Auctions visited the farm to liquidate his estate and were amazed to find over 200 collectible cars on his land.

His impressive collection ranged in everything from antique agricultural tractors to a 1976 Eldorado. Many were kept in barns, while others were parked in the fields. Graham certainly had a passion for trucks, with Ford Model A’s and T’s from the 1920s and a 1941 GMC flatbed in his collection. He had at least three 1920s trucks built by Graham Brothers, no doubt taking a liking to their name.

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VanDerBrink Auctions

The late farmer also owned quite a few muscle and sports cars for when the Minnesota weather warmed up, including a 1962 Thunderbird, a 1965 Mustang and several Chevrolet Impalas, including a 1959, 1967, and a few SS models.

While he certainly wished he could keep his entire automobile collection in tip-top shape, the cold Minnesota winters certainly presented a challenge. Some of the vehicles fared better than others, but all are still worth something. It’s incredible that Graham held on to so many valuable cars throughout his lifetime. The cars are currently up for auction with VanDerBrink Auctions.