The Most Epic Cars To Come Out Of The 1960s

We have some pretty rad cars on the market right now, but those cars all stemmed from earlier models that tested the roads long before they did. Some of the most well-designed cars that have ever existed came out of the 1960s. Those cars had character.

The beginning of the 1960s brought with it many significant changes in automaking. Not only did muscle cars, economy vehicles, and pony cars make their way into the auto scene, but a number of luxury cars were developed. Keep reading to see some of the best cars to come out of the decade.

The 1967 Shelby Cobra 427 Super Snake Was One Of The Most Popular Cobras Ever Made

If nothing else, this car certainly looks impressive. The Shelby Cobra Super Snake was essentially a race car that was made to drive on regular American streets. It still remains one of the most popular cars that Cobra ever made.


These cars came equipped with a V8 Shelby engine, plus a pair of Paxton superchargers, doubling its output from 427 to 800 horsepower. This model is one of the rarest Shelbys ever built, and one of the most powerful.