High-End ’90s Cars That Are Dirt Cheap Today

The ’90s was a dreamscape full of luxurious high-end cars. Automakers were at the top of their game, releasing beautiful rides like the Chevy Corvette ZR1. Of course, they were also charging top dollar for these track-ready vehicles. If you couldn’t afford a high-end car back then, but still dream of getting behind the wheel of one today, we have good news. A classic BMW E30 that would have cost you a year’s salary then can be found for less than $10,000 today. Keep reading to find out what other high-end rides from the ’90s can be found for surprisingly reasonable prices today!

Lexus LS400 – $5,000 Today

lexus ls400
Enigma3542002/Wikimedia Commons
Enigma3542002/Wikimedia Commons

Lexus was created in 1987 as the luxury vehicle arm of Toyota. That alone tells you how reliable and well-made they were made. One of the best ’90s models was the LS400, which also holds the title as the first model the company ever produced.

A brand new LS400 would have set you back $40,000, or $79,000 today with inflation calculated. Why spend that when you can find a used LS4000 for less than $5,000 right now, though?