The Most Important Cars Of The Last Century

Cars have the ability to transform not only the automotive industry but also can influence other sectors such as technology, media, and entertainment. While many cars come and go with each passing year, there are a few that stand out and outshine the others.

Whether for their designs or how innovative their creators are, the cars on this list are some of the most important that we have seen in the past 100 years. They sparked energy into the industry and changed the future of automobiles.

Ford Model T

Over 15 Ford Model T's arrive at a cookout
Tamir Kalifa for The Boston Globe via Getty Images
Tamir Kalifa for The Boston Globe via Getty Images

No “most important car” list would be complete without the car that started it all, the Ford Model T. Originally priced at $850, this is the vehicle that started everything about cars as we know them today. First introduced in 1908, the “Tin Lizzy” as it was called by Henry Ford, sold over 15 million units in its first 20 years.

Eventually, Ford would go on to make additional models that included horsepower or additional features. It changed how the American landscape was shaped as well, now that everyone needed gas stations, garages, and highways.