Legendary Musicians And Their Prized Classic Cars

Since the beginning of rock and roll, young musicians have looked forward to the day when they could cash their first big paycheck and drive a hot rod off the lot. But unlike some people with money in the bank, these rock stars aren’t buying their vehicles as the symbol of wealth in their driveway. Rather, they’re honoring their inner child and entertaining their adrenaline as they add another classic vehicle to their car collection that offers nothing but speed and sex appeal. You’ll be surprised at how many classic cars these big-name musicians like Elton John, James Hetfield, and Eric Clapton have owned.

Pete Townshend’s 1970 Mercedes Was The Most Expensive Car Of Its Time

Chris Morphet/Redferns
Chris Morphet/Redferns

Pete Townshend was a cornerstone of the rock band The Who, as its co-founder, leader, principal songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist. His career spans 50 years, during which time the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee has written more than 100 songs.

Hailing from the UK, Townshend bought this Mercedes S 600 Pullman. It’s a classic parade car that’s also been purchased by Queen Elizabeth and Pope Paul VI to wave to the crowds from. In 1970, the Mercedes-Benz 600 was considered to be the most expensive production car available.