The Worst Muscle Cars That Have Ever Been Released

The history of muscle cars is both unique, exciting and fun. But not all muscle cars were created equal and throughout the span of time, there are always bound to be some cars that fall through the cracks.

Sometimes the car as ap whole is bad and other times there are only certain generations and years that are bad. As car manufacturers and enthusiasts push the limit only further and further we can only expect to see more muscle cars in the future. Until that time, here are some of the worst muscle cars.

1975 Buick Gran Sport

Buick Gran Sport worst muscle cars

The Buick Gran Sport was Buick’s attempt at making a muscle car similar to the GSX. The car was heavy and weighed down because of its size and extra mass.

It wasn’t remotely aerodynamic so it went slow even with the engine putting out 175 horsepower. On a scale, the car weighed nearly two tons which was too much even for sedans or trucks at that time. Because of this, the Gran Sport became obsolete and sales started to increasingly fall.