Crazy Concept Motorcycles That Could Become Reality

Most people love a concept. It allows us to create possibilities and to see everything we can dream of and conceive of as an option. From TV shows to movies and books, crazy motorcycle concepts are not a new thing.

Motorcycles have been imagined to fly and shoot rockets out of either side. While none of the bikes on this list can shoot flames or take you into outer space, they are all crazy concept ideas. We may never seen any of these bikes on the road but it doesn’t hurt to dream. Here are crazy concept motorcycles that we hope actually come to fruition one day.

Wojtek Bachleda’s Indian Motorcycle Concept

Wojtek Bachleda's Indian Motorcycle Concept

A popular trend of bikes these days is a retro look which is why the Wojtek Bachleda’s Indian Motorcycle Concept bike is sure to stand out from the crowd.

With a more futuristic design, this motorcycle may only be something that we can ever see driving in the future. This design was made by an engineering student and maybe one day we will get to see it on the road.