Must See Movies For Car Enthusiasts

We love movies because, at the core, we like to be entertained. But for most people, a good movie is more than just pure entertainment, it’s about a great story and great characters. We all tend to gravitate towards the films that capture our interests as well.

For those that have gasoline in their veins, a great car movie should have lust-worthy cars, plenty of action and a good story. If it’s based on a true story or tells the tale of our racing heroes, so much the better.

Bullitt – 1968

MovieStillDB / fat_abbot
MovieStillDB / fat_abbot

Bullitt is THE car chase movie and the bar by which all other car chases are measured. Featuring one of the coolest dudes to ever grace the silver screen, Steve McQueen was a bonafide “car guy,” real-life racer and a darn good actor.

The whole reason to watch the movie is to see the epic car chase between McQueen’s character in the 1968 Ford Mustang GT 390 Fastback and the black Dodge Charger driven by the baddies. The chase happens through the streets of San Francisco and is a true masterpiece. Eagle-eyed viewers will notice that the film features a lot of great cars including a Porsche 356 driven by McQueen’s love interest in the film.