These Paint Jobs Completely Destroyed The Cars

Some people think that the aesthetic of a car relied solely on its make and model, but that isn’t always the case. A glorious car like a Corvette, Bugatti, or Ferrari can still look tacky if the paint job is a complete failure. You may be surprised that someone with enough money to buy such a fancy car would cover it with a cheetah print or a pizza design, but, as the following pictures will show, it does happen. Read on to see a fish-covered truck, a Nickleback hood, a car colored in with sharpie, and so much more.

The Hulk Meets The Wicked Witch

A white car is half covered in green paint and has Hulk hands punching out of the hood.
Gasoline Sponge/Pinterest
Gasoline Sponge/Pinterest

We have no idea what this paint job is trying to pull off. The most obvious feature in this design is the pair of hulk hands bursting out of the hood. While the green tone mostly matches the car’s paint color, the design doesn’t make any sense at all.

It almost looks like green flames, but doesn’t have quite the right shape. Instead, it looks more like the green Wicked Witch of Oz cast a spell to make this car hideous.