Remembering Racecar Legend Richard Trickle — The “Winningest” Racer In History

Richard “Dick” Trickle is one of the most successful drivers in American racing history. Born and raised in Wisconsin, Trickle wasn’t just a racecar driver– many also consider him to be the one responsible for taking NASCAR mainstream. Still, his story isn’t all roses.

Trickle’s life ended in tragedy in 2013 and today he is well remembered for being an ambassador of the sport of racecar driving. His stunning racing career record and quirky personality entertained NASCAR fans and piqued the interest of people who had never experienced racing before. Keep reading an find out how Trickle became a legend.

1,200 Short Track Wins

Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images
Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Before starting with NASCAR, Trickle was a short track racer who frequently won his competitions. He won over 1,200 short track races in all, before even joining the larger circuit. It’s from these wins that Trickle earned the nickname of “America’s Winningest Driver.”

How did he learn to drive so great? He was raised that way! At least, he was raised to have an incredible work ethic. Trickle was working by the time he was 13 years old, and when he started doing short track racing, he got hooked. NASCAR owners took note of his winning percentages, and in 1989, he finally joined NASCAR.