The Best And Worst U.S. States For Drivers, According To Statistics

Throughout the past few years, road conditions in America have gotten worse. The National Safety Council says that the country has seen more and more roadway fatalities. Depending on the state, drivers can have an easier or harder time getting around.

Studies have ranked U.S. states based on several factors. Some states see more traffic accidents than others. While certain states have short commutes, others are notorious for their terrible traffic and infrastructure. Whether or not residents agree, these are the best and worst driving states in America.

Few Car Accidents Happen In North Dakota

Cars drive by a snowy hill in North Dakota.
Scott Olson/Getty Images
Scott Olson/Getty Images

North Dakota has fewer accidents than most other U.S. states. In 2018, the state only had 95 fatal accidents; that had decreased by 10% since 2017. Compare that to the 3,305 accidents from Texas alone. In 2019, North Dakota’s crash rate lowered from 15,264 the year prior to 11,742.

North Dakota may be safe because its statewide commute time is shorter than average. According to the North Dakota Census Office, the average commute spans 17 minutes, far less than the 27-minute national average.