Annual Auto Shows Every Car Enthusiast Should Attend In Their Lifetime

From all corners of the globe, there are car shows made for every kind of car lover. Whether you are into classic muscle cars, futuristic prototypes or current year models there is an auto show for you. Catch these yearly car shows to see the coolest cars and stay up to date on current automotive news and automotive technology. If you’re lucky, you won’t have to travel very far.

Dubai International Motor Show

Dubai International Motor Show Exhibits
Haider Yousuf/Getty Images
Mahmoud Khaled/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

If you are planning on taking a trip overseas or already live nearby then this show is must-see. Filled wall-to-wall with some of the most exclusive cars on the market, there is almost nothing you won’t find at this auto show.

The event takes place in November over a 5-day period and is labeled as one of the largest auto shows in the Middle East. Dubai International Motor Show attracts thousands of car enthusiasts from across the globe. With Dubai topping the list of places to visit, you can make a fun and exciting trip while attending this car show.