Auto Upgrades That Aren’t Worth Your Money

Automotive engineers make great efforts to develop cars that will work well for intended customers. Common people, however, always think they can do better. Now, sure, you can improve any car, especially with high-quality aftermarket parts. However, most upgrades and accessories you would put on your car are not worth it.

Moreover, some of them might even make your vehicle lose performance or look cheap. For that reason, maybe you should research some aftermarket upgrades more thoroughly, especially if they claim impossible things. Or, click through the next 40 slides and see what upgrades you shouldn’t spend your money on. Let’s dig in!

Large Rear Wings

Photo by scottyuk30 / via Pixabay
Photo by scottyuk30 / via Pixabay

Did you know that rear wings, aka spoilers, have real use? No, seriously! For instance, Formula 1 cars get downforce from spoilers. Or any racing car for that matter. However, that doesn’t mean you should put them on your vehicle. Rear wings only produce downforce at very high speeds, which you probably won’t achieve on public roads.

Moreover, while wings produce downforce, they also decrease the aerodynamic efficiency. As a result, your vehicle loses performance and consumes more fuel. And, honestly, rear wings don’t look good on every car. If they did, manufacturers would’ve probably installed them from the factory.