BMW Is Going Stealth Mode With The New X6

bmw's new x6 vantablack paint job absorbs nearly 100 percent of light

BMW is releasing a brand new X6 in September and is pulling out all the stops. The company is stepping into new territory, attempting a trick no company has ever tried – a light-absorbing Vantablack paint job. The paint, developed by Surrey NanoSystems, is created by vertically aligning nano-tubes that absorb up to 99.965 percent of light.

The first part of the color’s name, “Vanta,” is actually an acronym for “Vertically Aligned Nano-Tube Array.” Of course, to make the car street legal at night, BMW has asked the company to allow some light reflection. Driver’s don’t want to disappear entirely at night. The custom mix made for BMW is being called VBx2.

The light-absorbing paint was not originally designed for commercial cars. Surrey NanoSystems invented the light-absorbing coating for camera equipment being sent into space. By taking in light around the cameras, they are able to more accurately identify and observe objects floating in space.

To offset the stealth black look of the car, BMW is adding an illuminated “Iconic Glow” kidney grille that is sure to turn heads. Anyone lucky enough to get behind the wheels of one of these road beasts is sure to be the talk of the town. Just make sure to keep the car clean!