These Electric Vehicles Get The Most Miles Per Charge

Apart from its sticker price, the most crucial specification of an electric vehicle is the distance it can travel on a single charge. Purchasing an EV that offers a sufficient operating range not only assures zero emissions but also ensures that your vehicle never becomes stranded at the side of the road with an exhausted battery.

With the introduction of the new models packed with longer-range and cheaper batteries, electric cars are expected to rise rapidly in the coming years. So if you are planning to buy a current or an upcoming model, go through these slides to learn about the EVs with the most extended average operating ranges.

The 2019 Tesla Model S Long Range

Photo by John Keeble
Photo by John Keeble

Today, a growing list of electric vehicles come with an impressive range, exceeding 200 miles. However, the Tesla Model S is the only car available that offers almost double the range — roughly around 370 miles. This car even has more range than some of the gas vehicles.

The attractive cabin of the Model S features a 17-inch touch screen, spacious seating for five people and sizable cargo hold. It also delivers thrilling performance, thanks to its sporty handling and ludicrous acceleration. The 2019 Tesla Model S also boasts standard features such as heated seats, a Wi-Fi hotspot, voice-activated controls, navigation, a built-in dashboard cam, and synthetic leather upholstery.