PHOTOS: The Ford Bronco Is Back And Better Than Ever (Plus Hidden Features)

After being absent on the market for over two decades, Ford finally resurrected the beloved Bronco in 2021. This time, the iconic SUV is more capable than ever before. It truly is a proper Bronco reimagined for the 21st century. The automaker also fitted the new Bronco with all kinds of easter eggs and hidden features. Some are hidden in plain sight, while the others are nearly impossible to find. Check out what makes the new Bronco better than any of its predecessors.

A Rail To Secure Your Gear

2021 Ford Bronco Rail Feature
Ford Media Center
Ford Media Center

If you look at the top of the dashboard of the 2021 Ford Bronco, you will quickly notice a rail that runs on top of the dash. You may not make much of it at first, though it is a clever solution to secure any equipment when off-roading.

The rail can be used to secure a GoPro camera when driving across crazy trails, for example. That way, you can film your entire journey without worrying about suction cups falling off the windshield of your Ford Bronco.