Hilarious License Plates That Will Brighten Up Your Commute

Commuting stinks. Especially if you have to sit in your car for what feels like forever. Sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic is no one’s idea of fun. Luckily, these creative and hilarious vanity plates are here to brighten up your commute!

Many people shell out extra money for the privilege of choosing their own license plates. Some make us groan, some are confusing to figure out, and some are darn-right clever and deserve a chuckle. Have a look at some of the best license plates spotted from coast to coast.

Kids First, Main Course Second

funny virginia license plate
Pinterest/Chelsea Davis
Pinterest/Chelsea Davis

A study done by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators found that Virginia has the most vanity license plates out of any other state in the U.S. (which comes as no surprise as there are several Virginia plates on this list).

Part of the fee for this “Kids First” plate is transferred to the Family and Children’s Trust Fund of Virginia to support children’s programs. While this Virginian did a charitable thing and might even get a tax deduction, they didn’t do it without a sense of humor.