Hilarious License Plates That Will Brighten Up Your Commute

Commuting stinks. Especially if you have to sit in your car for what feels like forever. Sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic is no one’s idea of fun. Luckily, these creative and hilarious vanity plates are here to brighten up your commute!

Many people shell out extra money for the privilege of choosing their own license plates. Some make us groan, some are confusing to figure out, and some are darn-right clever and deserve a chuckle. Have a look at some of the best license plates spotted from coast to coast.

A Hardcore Fan

hilarious metallica licence plate
Pinterest/Us Viral Hub
Pinterest/Us Viral Hub

This hardcore Metallica fan was clearly dead-set on honoring their favorite band with a vanity plate. Unfortunately, the character limit is seven, so this guy had to improvise.

Metallica fans are dedicated and the internet bots know it. When the band announced a 20th-anniversary show with the San Francisco Symphony in Mission Bay, tickets bots scooped up everything within seconds of going on pre-sale. If fans wanted to get into the show they’ll have to go to third-party sites that have tickets listed for thousands of dollars. Getting a personalized plate kind of pales in comparison.