The Trucks We Forgot: Under-Appreciated Pick-Ups

There are some amazing trucks that have existed over the years that have withstood the test of time but never gotten to the heights of popularity that some of its counterparts have. With so many different truck options to choose from and dozens of car companies trying to win your attention and money, there are some trucks that simply go unnoticed.

It could be that they didn’t have any special features or look liked every other similar truck on the road. Even if they were overlooked then, here are some trucks that worth appreciating now.


Mazda-B under appreciated trucks

Their first series of pickup trucks manufactured by Mazda was in 1961. The Mazda B series got its name from the displacement used to determine the model’s name, B1500. As a model collaboration with Ford, the B-Series went by the name Ford Courier as well.

While it isn’t an incredibly popular truck, its production time ran from 1961-2009 and went through numerous changes over its five-generation span. A compact truck, the Mazda B was most popular in foreign countries where fuel efficiency and compact vehicles were wanted.