The Epic Masterpieces And Beaters That NASCAR Drivers Use In Their Spare Time

As you can probably imagine, NASCAR drivers have very high standards when it comes to vehicles. Their love for automobiles doesn’t end when they leave the racetrack. They like to drive in style even when they’re driving to work, or going on a road trip, or just going to the grocery store.

What car do you think Logano drives in his spare time? Would you ever guess it’s a Ford Econoline Van? Here are all the unexpected and most interesting cars the best racers in the world come home to.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Drives A Chevy Laguna

dale earnhardt jr chevy laguna nascar real cars

Let’s move right along to another Chevy enthusiast. Dale Earnhardt Jr. owns a lot of cars. He has an extensive collection of cars from all different brands. If he had to choose just one car to go to the grocery store in, though, he’d probably choose the Chevy Laguna.

Today, you can find a Laguna for quite cheap on the used market, although we’re pretty sure Earnhardt Jr. souped his up just a bit, increasing its value.