New Vehicles Arriving In 2021 That Are Worth Getting Excited About

With even stricter emission laws on the horizon, the automotive industry faces its biggest challenge since its inception. The next few years will be crucial for developing future propulsion technologies, and most carmakers are ready to show us the results in 2021.

From hybrid, battery-electric, and hydrogen-electric vehicles to gas-burning sports cars, 2021 is certainly ready to impress. Moreover, the year would be a sort of redemption for the industry since we expect, hopefully, that the pandemic will be no more. With that said, here are all the models to look forward to in 2021 and all the information we have on them.

Audi e-tron GT

Source: Audi
Source: Audi

Porsche was the first company from the Volkswagen Group to launch a high-performance electric vehicle with the Taycan. Now, Audi will use the same platform for its e-tron GT electric sports sedan in 2021. The carmaker already revealed the design, and it looks quite attractive.

Beneath the surface, the e-tron GT has Tesla-fighting internals. At first, the car will come with a 590 HP dual-motor configuration, enough for a 0-60mph launch of 3.5 seconds. Later, Audi might also launch an “RS” version, which should have over 700 HP and a 0-60mph sprint of around 2.5 seconds.