Money Can’t Buy Style: The Strangest Cars Owned By Celebrities

Most of us “petrolheads” have a dream machine that we strive for. I can still remember my Lamborghini Countach poster, for instance. Sadly, most of us will never get to experience our dream cars – they are too expensive. On the other end of the spectrum, there are people with so much money that they aren’t satisfied even with those cars. Lamborghini and Ferrari? Piece of cake.

Celebrities want something that will stand out. Something personal. In some cases, that means outstanding one-off cars. In others, though, you’d better look elsewhere. Like with most things in life, these strange celebrity cars remind us that not everybody has good taste, even with all the money in the world. Let’s see who are they!

50 Cent’s Jet Car

Source: SyFy Dream Machines
Source: SyFy Dream Machines

SyFy’s Dream Machines is an interesting television series, where a team of mechanics and coachbuilders makes any vehicle the customer would wish for. In this case, 50 Cent wanted a Jet Car. Specifically, he wanted a vehicle that would look like a jet airplane.

The thing is, if airplanes looked cool on four wheels, carmakers would’ve probably produced them. 50 Cent’s Jet Car might capture attention, but it’s far from a good-looking car. Actually, at least in our eyes, it looks like a cheap child toy, especially with the white/black color combo. We’d argue that any modern supercar looks much better.