The Craziest Wings In The Car World

Most car enthusiasts can agree that large rear wings are a cool feature to see. While obnoxious aftermarket wings that serve no purpose are not everyone’s cup of tea, a tasteful aerodynamic rear spoiler can give the automobile a more aggressive look.

Some of the wings in this lineup are made to generate the maximum amount of downforce, others are purely for show and can even worsen the aerodynamic capabilities of the vehicle. Check out the craziest rear spoilers and wings in the automotive industry.

Apollo Intensa Emozione

The Apollo IE...
Martyn Lucy/Getty Images
Martyn Lucy/Getty Images

The Intensa Emozione is a hardcore hypercar developed by Apollo Automobil, an automaker founded by Roland Gumpert in 2004. Back in the mid-2000s, Roland Gumpert released the high-performance Gumpert Apollo supercar which was one of the fastest cars at the time. Over a decade later, the automaker is back with an all-new fascinating creation.

The Intensa Emozione is powered by a 6.3L V12 motor that peaks at 770 horsepower. The IE costs a whopping $2.7 million dollars in the US. Only 10 units will be made in total, all of which have already been sold.