Used Cars That Should Stay On The Lot

Many used products come handy in our day to day lives and can be used again and again and again. When it comes to cars, who wouldn’t want a fancy one at half the price? Sounds good. If the car’s condition is all good and it still gives mileage that is meant for your needs then why should there be a need to say no? While you may be an automobile junkie or someone who collects cars as a hobby, there’s always a moment of caution before you add all those beauties and the beasts to your cart. These are the used cars that you don’t want to buy unless you consider your garage a storage unit!

Mini Cooper

60th anniversary of the Mini
Photo by Aaron Chown/PA Images via Getty Images
Photo by Aaron Chown/PA Images via Getty Images

Mini Cooper is ‘all that Jazz’ of course but only when it is brand new. The luxury hatchback could spell disaster if it has been pre-owned. The attraction to its ‘luxury’ hatchback appeal comes from the design and since it comes from the house of BMW, who would think twice?

Just to put some facts into place, a study by J. D Power in 2016 revealed a whopping 127 problems in every 100 Mini Coopers sold. Now imagine, if the first owner is going to face so many issues with the car’s functionality, what will be your plight as the second owner?