Pickup Trucks You Definitely Don’t Want To Pickup For Yourself

Pickup trucks are heavy-duty monster machines. They rule the roads in the United States of America. These trucks have become more popular over the years, but not every pickup truck is created equal.

Sometimes automakers rush to put out a product and in the process, they miss out on a lot of key details. They put out cars to make a quick buck rather than to create a quality product. This has made buying a pickup truck a high-risk, high-reward endeavor. We don’t want you to have to risk your money too much though, so we’ve compiled a list of low-quality pickup trucks you definitely don’t want to buy.

The 1976 Dodge Ramcharger Didn’t Have Very Good Gas Mileage

dodge ramcharger worst pickup truck all time
Greg Gjerdingen/Flickr
Greg Gjerdingen/Flickr

The Dodge Ramcharger was first released in 1974. Another model was released in 1976, and that’s the model we’ve included on this list. The Ramcharger was originally known as the “Rhino.” It had a lot of interesting features including an optional passenger seat.

All cars came with a driver’s seat, of course, but if you wanted more room for hauling and less room for guests, you could opt to remove the passenger seat. This truck didn’t have very much power, though, and for some reason, it would always run out of gas.