Americans Drive This Car The Farthest Each Year

Americans drive their cars an average of about 12,000 miles a year. Some vehicles are driven much farther than others. iSeeCars analyzed data and found that full-size pickup trucks and SUVs are being driven the farthest in the country.

According to their data, the Chevrolet Suburban is driven the most. People put an average of 14,862 miles a year with the SUV, which is 24% more than the national average.

“The Suburban is known for its expansive cargo room while comfortably seating up to nine passengers, which makes it popular for large families as well as for fleet and livery use,” said Phong Ly, iSeeCars CEO

The company looked at more than 2.3 million sales of 10-year-old cars to find the top 13 vehicles with the highest annual mileage.

Behind the Suburban is the GMC Yukon XL with an average of 14,708 miles a year, 22.7% above the average.

Toyota’s Sequoia is the third vehicle on the list, with 14,193 miles per year, 18.4% above the national average.

Of the top 13 vehicles, most are other full-size SUVs with one exception: the Toyota Prius. The Prius is the best-selling hybrid in automotive history and is driven an average of 13,534 miles per year, 12.9% higher than the average vehicle.