Car Cleaning Hacks: Use Items Lying Around Your House To Make Your Car Shine

Chances are that right now, you’re stuck inside looking for ways to waste some time and be productive. Spring cleaning for your car is a perfect way to fill your time. Since most cleaning products are low in stock though, you might need to improvise. Luckily, we’ve collected some handy tips and tricks on how to buff, shine, and make the inside and outside of your car sparkle.

You might have heard of a few of these cleaning hacks but we bet you never thought to use white vinegar inside your car! Follow these tips to get your vehicle looking and smelling brand new.

Newspapers Are Actually Great Window Cleaners

newspaper used to clean outside of car window

This is the perfect hack if it feels like you have the worst luck possible with dirty windows. Take an old newspaper and crumple it up. Then take regular window cleaner and spray your car’s window with it.

Now use your newspaper ball to wipe away the washer fluid. Your windows will look good as new afterward. It might sound silly to replace a normal cloth with a newspaper but it makes a big difference! Just be warned, if you have tinted windows do some more research to see if your tint can handle it.