These Are The 40 Greatest NASCAR Drivers Of All-Time

NASCAR has become an important part of American history. This sport finds its roots in prohibition-era stock car racing. From those early days until now, we have seen some real heroes get behind the wheel of some very fast cars. Not all NASCAR drivers are created equal, though.

On this list, we’ve included only the very best NASCAR drivers of all time. From Richard Petty and his seven Cup championships to Jeff Gordon and his 85 wins, the best drivers in the world know how to send our hearts racing into overdrive.

Junior Johnson – 50 Wins

junior johnson nascar greatest all time
Jason Smith/Getty Images for NASCAR
Jason Smith/Getty Images for NASCAR

Nowadays, people think of Junior Johnson more as an owner than as a driver, but back in his day, this man owned the track. His 50 wins rank him tenth all-time, and his 46 career pole positions put him in ninth place overall.

Junior also made some major contributions to the sport. He is the driver who is credited with discovering drafting. The art of drafting allows one driver to follow another driver who blocks their wind resistance. We can’t image NASCAR without drafting or Junior Johnson.