Ranked: The Greatest Motorcycles Of All Time

Different manufacturers constructed millions of motorcycles ever since 1885. Some of them were developed to break world records and achieve ultimate performance, whilst others are made purely to cruise around town in style. These are the greatest motorcycles ever made, both past and present.

40. Ducati 1098

The 1098 is easily one of the best modern Ducatis of all time. This monstrous machine was introduced on the market in 2007. Its production ceased just two years later, the Italian manufacturer only constructed 2200 units in total. Exceptional performance and handling aside, the 1098 doubles as one of the most gorgeous bikes of the 2000s.

Ducati 1098
(Don Kelsen/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images
(Don Kelsen/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

A powerful 1098cc twin-cylinder motor powers this sportbike, rated at between 160 and 180 horsepower. It can sprint to 60 miles per hour in less than 3 seconds, while the top speed is an astounding 173mph.