Stunning Supercars Of The 1990s

In the ’90s, we witnessed both the completion of the 20th century and the end of analog driving experiences, especially for road cars. The days of boxy straight designs were over, and aerodynamic curves had returned.

Supercars of the 1990s were identifiable by their stunning performance, remarkable styling, and cutting edge technology of the time. The great thing about the supercars of this era was that they were extremely simple machines with functional and sleek bodies, low curb weight, and outrageously powerful engines. Similar to all vehicles, some supercars were better than others. Slide through to learn more about the fast and furious supercars from the ’90s.

TVR Chimaera

TVR chimaera
Unsplash/Sam Pearce-Warrilow
Unsplash/Sam Pearce-Warrilow

The Chimaera was a two-seater convertible sports vehicle that was produced from 1992 to 2003. The name of this car was derived from “Chimera,” the monstrous fire-breathing hybrid creature of Greek Mythology. The interior of the vehicle included an aluminum gear knob and a high transmission tunnel. Also, the trims varied broadly. However, you got central locking, alloy wheels, height-adjustable steering, and power mirrors and windows as standard features.

Additionally, this classic car came in four engine sizes through the years, with power ranging from 240 brake horsepower (bhp) for the initial cars equipped with 4-liter engines, and then it reached up to 340 bhp for 5-liter models. Overall, the TVR Chimaera had a reputation for being both usable and practical.