These Race Cars Broke The Mold In Some Weird And Fun Ways

Racing in America has evolved by leaps and bounds over the decades. From high-performance Formula One speedsters to beautifully crafted box cars, there is no shortage of high-octane performance vehicles cruising around tracks throughout the world.

The cars you’re about to view may not be what we currently watch during Sunday race days but they sure did break the mold. From one race car that looks like two missiles attached at their center to another that was quite literally flipped on its head, these are some of the strangest race cars to ever be invented and hit the track.

Tyrrell P34: A Six-Wheeled F1 Racer

1977-spec Tyrrell P34B
Russell Whitworth / Wikipedia
Russell Whitworth / Wikipedia

This Formula One prototype is unique specifically because it’s a “six-wheeler.” The car was designed by Tyrrell’s chief designer, Derek Gardner, and it required a special build, unlike anything we’ve ever witnessed from F1.

To create the Tyrell P34, the vehicle required four custom 10-inch diameter wheels upfront with two normal-sized wheels at the rear. The vehicle actually found some Formula One success and it’s still recognized as one of the sport’s most bold attempts at re-imaging the F1’s typical design.