Software Engineer Implants Tesla Model 3 RFID Chip In Her Arm

Software Engineer and YouTube star Amie DD may have just taken keyless entry to an entirely new and unexplored level. In a recent video, the brave and perhaps a little too adventurous woman embedded her vehicles RFID chip into her arm. Unlike most vehicles, the Tesla Model 3 is unlocked using a smartphone, a car-shaped key fob, or a keycard.

Tesla Model 3 Hack for Bioarm Tech
YouTube / Amie DD
YouTube / Amie DD

In her YouTube video, Amie DD explains that she took out the RFID chip from the keycard and had it implanted in her arm. She also reveals that she had performed a similar process with another RFID chip years earlier.After Amie DD failed to transfer Tesla’s software to her previous RFID chip she decided on a new implant.

The process included dissolving her Tesla keycard in acetone and then having the chip encased in a biopolymer. Amie DD then visited a body-modification studio where she had the chip implanted into her forearm.

Amid DD documented the entire process which you can witness for yourself in the YouTube video below (Warning: there is a little bit of blood).

Here’s the full video: